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Hair Extensions 101

Hair Extensions 101

Hair is a multi-billion dollar industry and with so many companies out there selling, we thought it was important to help you understand what sets Stage Ready Hair apart from many others

If you've searched for hair extensions you've probably come across terminology like virgin, raw, mink, remy,  grade 8a,9a etc...

Well here's the scoop on all of these

Virgin: Fresh, unsoiled, not altered by human activity. Never been chemically or mechanically altered. May undergo steam processes to obtain a specific curl pattern. Body wave, kinky curly, loose wave, deep wave etc... are all examples of steam processed hair

Raw: Natural unrefined unaltered state. Not chemically altered or altered by steam processes. Single donor's hair, no two bundles are identical

Mink: Does not exist. Mink is an animal with fur. Mink is a made-up terminology that unscrupulous companies use as a selling tactic to charge more for hair

Remy: Cuticle intact and aligned in one direction. Considered to be the finest quality of hair. With Remy hair, there will be almost no tangling and matting. Non- Remy hair cuticle are not aligned and is more readily available so pay attention when looking to purchase from other companies. non-remy hair will tangle and matte easily

Grade 8a, 9a, Etc.. Made up Grading system that some companies will use sell their hair. Since its not a true grading system, any company can call their hair any grade they like, be careful when purchasing from companies that use this terminology. 

Another thing to watch out for is Hair sold at most local beauty supply chains (like Sally's) that slap Human Hair on the package but in fine print says you can only use heat up to 300 or 350 degrees. These are not 100% Human Hair, they are a Human Hair Blend which is pretty much a waste of money. The hair will look and feel artificial and start to tangle and matte quickly. The ends of the hair will quickly start to look frizzy 

Here at Stage Ready Hair we sell High-Quality Remy and Virgin Hair. Our hair is ethically sourced from India, Burma, and Southeast Asia. 

Another Benefit of our hair is its Double Drawn

Single drawn hair extensions have their hair cut from one single donor and then being placed in a weft. Most extensions are sold as single drawn because of the limited cost of production. Hair in each strand barely has the same length, so the hair becomes thinner when getting close to the ends, while it is thicker on the top. Single drawn extension is the most common extension type because of less work involved in the processing and low cost.

Double drawn hair extensions have shorter hair removed by hand.  Workers cut the hair ends by hands so the full bundle will remain the same fullness from top to bottom, then the hair will be sewn in a weft. This process increases the quality of hair extensions and will provide you with a fuller appearance, although you will pay more on double drawn hair extensions, the quality and volume are better, will certainly last longer.

 Now that we've educated you on Hair Extensions, we hope this will assist you in making the best choice for your hair extension needs. Here at Stage Ready Hair, we've always prided ourselves on being an honest and reputable company. 

We look forward to having you as a customer.

"Don't just be ready... Be Stage Ready:"




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