Booking Terms
Please Read Below Information In Its Entirety Before Booking
Make Up
Make up application takes approximately 45 to 60  minutes. Application consist of full face makeup with highlight and contour. Lashes are provided. If you want a specific look, please provide a picture at the time of service
Please come with a clean dry face. No spray tan
Hair styling take approximately 30-45 minutes. 
 Hair needs to be clean, dry and detangled. Please provide a picture at the time of service if you want a specific look. There is an additional $25 fee due at the time of service for installing extensions. If you use Stage Ready Hair Extensions then this fee is waived. 
Touch Ups
Makeup Touch up kits will be available for purchase at your appointment for $15 (includes lash glue, press powder, blot sheets, & lipstick)
Pro Touch Ups with an artist are availble for an additional fee at the time of booking.  
    - Makeup consists of refreshing the current makeup look 
     -Hair consists of refreshing the current hair style

Scheduling Policy
The Appointment time that you chose is simply a request and not guranteed. Your requested appointment time is subject to change depending on the height class and division. You will need to arrive at your scheduled appointment on time. If you are late, you run the risk of not being prepared for the stage. You assume full responsibility for arriving to the stage on time.
Cancellation Policy
Payments are Nonrefundable
CANCELLATIONS: If you have to cancel then you may transfer the service(s) to another show on our roster within the same competition year. If you do not plan to compete anymore that competition season then you may redeem 50% of the amount paid on a Stage Ready Hair gift card to use on products
What Make Us So Special?
Beauty Experts
Our diverse team of professionals are trained in all skin tones and hair types
Make Up
Our make up artists use high quality products to ensure your face is as flawless as can be
Hair Styles
Our hair stylists use only professinal salon products to ensure long lasting hair styles